Broke Agent: Successful Branding @JimFannonShow

This is my full conversation with The Broke Agent on the Jim Fannon Show.

The Broke Agent is Eric “Stick” Simon. He is a Realtor in Santa Monica, California.

After experiencing the ups and downs in his early real estate work, The Broke Agent turned to marketing his experience with humour. “BA” invested in a brand that helps detail real estate work with a humorous flair. One that could that could be monetized and capitalized upon. This endeavour has also been an introduction for others looking to gain from his work. Social media being one of BA’s strengths, his partnership and knowledge was interesting to speak about.


“The Broke Agent is a media brand focused on the entertainment of real estate professionals. Conventional real estate publications lacked edge, authenticity, and most importantly humor. Predominately focused on the comedic aspects of the industry, the “BA” created its own platform of highly engaging, socially driven, relatable content for all people involved in the business. We are what everyone is thinking, but nobody is saying. We are the key to surviving real estate.”

The Broke Agent

The Broke Agent

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