Convert EVERY Listing into 7% Commision

Why The 7% Solution

  • Higher Seller’s Net
  • Create negotiating leverage for the Seller
  • More sales over list price
  • Increase competing offers
  • Improve the profitability of your current listing inventory
  • Prove the disadvantage of a discount commission
  • Compete and win against a discount broker
  • Listings that stand out from all others
  • Faster sales, lower market time
  • Improve closing/showing/offer ratios

Why The Commission Coach

  • standoutblueReal estate agent coaching is expensive
  • This program will yield results immediately and indefinitely
  • This is the single most cost effective investment you can make in your business
  • The highest ROI without cold calls
  • If you don’t agree after 30 days, we’ll give you double your money back Now there’s an offer you can’t afford to pass over! It’s only five hundred bucks and you make it back a minimum of 10X in the first 30 days

The FSBO Lister

"The FSBO Lister"

In a slump?

  • Load up on By Owner Listings
  • List every qualified For Sale By Owner you choose
  • Mastering the telephone introduction
  • The 5 qualifying phone questions
  • The can’t say no, gut check question

Commission Coach Wager


We bet you that you realize more than 10 times your investment from this program in value, personal income or net on your sale


Double your money back

It’s really very simple
It takes surprisingly little time to learn


Get 7% Commissions EVERYTIME!


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